Writing Prompt #36 — Reading From Below

Prompt: When looking through the local library, you accidentally flip a switch and a book pops up. You grab it. It has no title, but you grab it and take it home. Little did you know, there was a title: The Soul Trap. When you get home, you open the book. 

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The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine — Issue #2 Out Now!

The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine’s second issue was released back on the 21st, and can be picked up for free (for the first copy) through their website: HERE

This issue contains my story, “Strings of Madness.” A strange story about a friend who shares and plays an ancient music piece for a friend, who then gradually loses his grip on reality.

Other authors included: Ben Fitts, Madison McSweeney, Matthew Vaughn, Patrick Winters, and Richard Beauchamp.

Writing Prompt #33 — Even Demons Will Play With Dolls

Prompt: The demon looked confused as he found himself summoned into a pink room, covered in princess posters and unicorn stickers. In front of him was a girl that looked about 5 years old, hugging a teddy bear and jumping up and down excitedly saying “yay yay yay, it worked!”

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Z Publishing House — PA’s Emerging Writers up for Pre-Order!

Z Publishing House‘s “Pennsylvania’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction” is up for pre-order now! It’s set to release August 21st.

It features a shorter version of my story, “Driftwood Mannequins,” which is from my most recently released collection, The Abyss Beyond the Reflection.

If you would like to pre-order it, consider using my affiliate URL: HERE — if you do, I get a small kick-back from your purchase, for no extra charge to you.

If you rather not and still want to pre-order, can you do so directly HERE.