Review by Horror Novel Reviews!

Albeit late, I’ve found that Horror Novel Reviews reviewed The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales. You can read the review in its entirety HERE.

I’ll provide some cliff notes, for those who just want a summary.

Throughout many of these stories, Castle takes the preoccupations and mundane details of life and merges them successfully with cosmic horror, science fiction, dark humor, and fantasy. Though the writing comes with some problems—grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, and at times a narrative distance that makes feeling empathy for the characters difficult—Castle’s The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales is a collection worthy of any horror reader’s bookshelf.

Wrote, Josh Hancock.

A fast-paced read filled with nightmarish visions, Micah Castle’s The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales grabs you with the first tale and doesn’t let you go until the last. I can only imagine what ghastly creations this author has in store next.

He concluded.

Overall he gave it a 3.5/5.

I’m thankful for his kind words, and I’ve reached out to see what mistakes in the book I missed over the dozens of revisions, so I can go back and fix them.

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