Who Spoke on the Other Side set to release July 16, 2017!

My second book, Who Spoke on the Other Side, will release on July 16, 2017! It’s a collection of ten short stories, ranging from supernatural horror and cosmic horror. It’s roughly 206 pages long, and will published through Amazon on digital and physical format. The titles of each story will be provided at the bottom of this post.

On top of the release of the book, it will be sold at $0.99 for its first three days, and a giveaway through Goodreads and Amazon will be set up for digital and physical copies*!

Also, anyone wanting to review the book in exchange for a free digital copy, please contact me via email (themicahcastle@gmail.com) or Twitter (@micah_castle).

*amount of copies yet to be determined

Title of each story are as follows:

Who Spoke on the Other Side

Misplaced Trust

The House on Chestnut Street

From The Inside, Out

A Winter’s Morning

Notes Under Stones

Sounds of a Silent Forest

Johnny’s Story

Beyond The Wall

The Planet, In’Pher

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