Writing Prompt #8 — A Pixy’s Hideout

Prompt: You’re listening to music on shuffle on your phone as you get to sleep. However, the music mysteriously stops and you hear: “Is he awake?”

“Is he awake?” The Right earphone chirped.

“No, I don’t think so.” The other replied.

“Good, good. Now, have you figured out a way to get out of these things?” The Right asked.

“No I didn’t. . . If only we hadn’t gotten stuck in them in the first place. ”

“That wasn’t my fault! We were being chased by that god forsaken feline and had to hide somewhere. It just so happened to be in something we cannot escape.”

“Uh huh. . . and what about the shoe, or under the coach, or even in a bottle? All those things were viable, but you chose headphones. What kind of dumb pixy are you? How did you even pass the exams to leave Home and enter the World?”

“Look,” The Right spat, “it’s hard to think of the best solution when you’re being chased by something twenty times bigger than you. Plus, it had claws and fangs! And I did quite well on the exams, thank you very much. . .” Though, she thought. I didn’t do too great on the Snap Decisions 101 test.

“Okay, anyway, I don’t care. Now what do we do?”

“Uhm. . . The only thing I came up with is for this human to break the headphones to set us free. But how to get him to do that is beyond me.”

The Left thought for some time, then said. “What about this? We scream into his ears to wake him, then he jumps up and breaks them?”

“Sounds good to me,” The Right said. “Okay, here we go. One. . . Two. . . Three. . . Now!”

“You know I can already hear you guys, right?” The human asked, lying on his bed and staring up at the ceiling.

“Oh poo—” The Left blurted, shutting up.

“Oh no—” The Right wailed, also silencing herself.

Pop music blared back through the headphones. The human unplugged his headphones from his MP3 player, got up from his bed and went over to his desk. He weighed the headphones in his hands and mulled over the thought of not having them. He could always ask for a new pair for Christmas, or wait until his birthday which was in a few months.

Eh why not, he thought with a shrug, then set the headphones onto the floor. He raised his foot then brought it down onto one, then the other. The plastic shattered under the pressure, splaying across the carpet.

Although he couldn’t describe it, or really believe he was awake, but he swore he saw two tiny star-like lights, one violet, another pink, zip out of each headphone and fly out of his room through the open window, screaming, “We’re free!”


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