Writing Prompt #9 — The Cute One, CutyPy’th

Prompt: There is The Old One, The Great One, The Many Angled One, The Sleeping One and then there is you, The Cute One.

“. . . and then there is you, The Cute One.” The Judge said, pointing with his splayed skeletal finger down at me.

“Wha- What do I do?” I squeaked.

“You, CutyPy’th, dwell in the unnamed land beyond Gum Drop Valley in the Crystal Candy Tower, atop its highest peak, among the bubblegum clouds and licorice lightning. The Tower stands far beyond the S’more Forest and Hot Cocoa Sea, far from the reaches of anyone or anything. You wait there to be summoned by an unknowledgeable child.”

I waddled forward to the Judge’s monolithic Stand, each step emitting the sound of baby ducks quacking, little sheep baa-ing, and kittens meowing. “Then what?” I whispered, trying my best to look over the edge of the Stand, up into the bottomless gloom covering the Judge’s face.

“Then you go to them. You ride upon your mighty rainbow speckled unicorn, tear through the skies as if they were paper, and rip open a portal to the child’s lair. Upon entering the lair, you push the child’s sanity past the brink of madness. . . into the abyss of mania.”

A silence fell over the room. The Old One sat in its mound of ash and dust, its six eyes closed while steams of sand poured over its eyelids; The Great One in its massive chair carved from a mountain looked out into the vast distance, seemingly peering, with its carved out eyes, at something we couldn’t possibly see; The Many Angled One hovered in the air, its thin crystal frame twisted, turning, transforming itself into a new geometric shape every moment, it possessed no eyes or mouth but I knew its mind must be lost in the ether beyond; and The Sleeping One, The Old One’s sibling, covered in soot and charred debris, laid upon its bed throne covered in rubble, loudly snoring.

“Then what I do?” I asked, my high-pitched voice shattering the silence.

“Once the child is maniac, lost in a haze of happiness and joy and giggles and smiles, you return to your lair atop Crystal Candy Tower. You wait for another child to summon you, then repeat the cycle. Between summons you can do whatever you like, as the unnamed land beyond Gum Drop Valley is yours to do what you wish.”

I bit my top lip, furrowed my fuzzy brow and nodded. I turned away from the Judge, ripped open a pink portal that sparkled with shimmering stars and multicolored marshmallows and jumped in.

I was a god, an Old God nonetheless, and I was to serve my duty in the universe, one child at a time.


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