Writing Prompt #14 — Vanishing Metal

Prompt: All metal suddenly ceases to exist.

The vibrations from the massive speakers on the stage shook the ground, the rafters, the entire building Slayer performed in. Men and women ran in a circle in the center of the floor, pushing, shoving, banging their heads and throwing the devil’s sign up into the air. Others in the crowd watched as Kerry King broke into the second guitar solo of “Raining Blood.” The song was reaching its peak and everyone felt an excitement rise from their feet to the tops of their head.




Before the wide eyes of many metal fans, Slayer had disappeared. Not only the band, but their instruments and speakers as well. Stillness fell upon crowd like a wave. For the first few moments they all stopped their movements, their thoughts and stared up aimlessly at the empty stage. Then there was screaming and shouting and cursing, hordes of them rushed the stage to search for their favorite band while others sprinted out from the suffocatingly warm building into the parking lot.

Most took out their phones and checked Facebook, to find not only had Slayer disappeared but so did Metallica, Pantera, Hatebeed, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under. . . every metal band in the world had vanished.

One teenage boy with gauged ears and a septum piercing dumbly looked around at the people in the parking lot and asked, “Now what?”


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