Writing Prompt #24 — The Demon of Wich

Prompt: You’re making a sandwich for lunch. Out of boredom, you draw a pentagram with ketchup on some bread. Consequently, you accidentally summon a bread-sized demon.

“Haha, ho ho! You summon thee, the Demon of Wich!” The nearly microscopic demon proclaimed, standing atop a slice of bread. He had two horns that jutted upwards, and a pronged tail that slithered around his leg like a snake.

“No, nothing like that,” I said. “I was trying to make a ketchup sandwich and—”

“A sandwich of ketchup, you say?” He said, looking down at the ketchup covered bread he stood upon. “This symbol here is my Gram, thus clearly you were summoning the Demon of Wich!”

“No I was not. I was making a sandwich and—”

“Summoning the mighty, the powerful, the Demon of Wich!”

“No, Jesus Christ! I was just making a damn sandwich and thought it’d be funny to draw the symbol in ketchup, then—”

“You summoned the Demon of Wich!”

“Yeah, that… Now what?”

“The Demon of Wich is powerful. So powerful in fact that he grants two choices to those who summon him. The first one is for the Demon of Wich to return to his fiery land of Wich, and the seco—”

“I choose the first option,” I said.

“But you have not heard the second option!”

“I don’t need to. I choose the first.”

“Bu—” he tried to say.

“No, first.”

Tears began to swell in his oval eyes and his tiny hands balled into fists. He crouched and put his head down. Although it was faint, nearly impossible to hear, I could hear sobs coming from his shaking body. “Just like all the others…” he whispered.

“Hey, look, I-uh… didn’t mean to make you cry. C’mon man, it’s okay.”

“The Demon of Wich does not… does not weep, you puny human.” He said, sniffling and wiping his eyes. “He merely got something in his devilish eye.”

“Hey, what about that second option? I bet it’s really good,” I said, smiling, patting his back with my finger.

“You are just saying that because you made me— I got something in my eye. Is that correct, human?”

“No, never. I’m actually curious to know what else the… the great and powerful Demon of Wich has to offer.”

A grin crept over his face as he straightened himself. He wiped his eyes once last time. “The second option the Demon of Wich has to offer is for the summoner of him to be always accompanied by him, to the end of days!”

“Always? Like all the time?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Is there a way for me to choose option two, but you only come when summoned?”

“Hm… That may be possible, human. No one has ever chosen option two before. I suppose that can be done, if you—”

“I choose option two.” I quickly said.

He jumped into the air, smiling. “Wonderful! Now from this time henceforth, I, the mighty, the powerful, the great, the Demon of Wich will accompany you until the end of time!”

“Great,” I said, flatly. “Now can you do me one thing?”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Can you get off the bread, so I can eat my lunch?”

He looked down at the bread, now with tiny holes where he stood, then looked back up at me. “Of course, of course.” He walked and jumped off the bread. “Enjoy your food, my companion.”

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