The Abyss Beyond the Reflection — Out Now!

My third collection of short weird fiction/horror stories is out now!

Purchase it through Amazon for only $0.99!

Enter a giveaway to win a free physical copy of the book by signing up through my newsletter HERE!

Reviews of The Abyss Beyond the Reflection:

Reading The Abyss Beyond the Reflection reminded me of how much fun horror and weird fiction can be. The way everything is described brought the stories to life and every character showed amazing depth. Micah Castle’s writing demonstrates that he has a strong passion for his craft and if you love horror fiction you won’t want to pass this book up.” — David Watson, The All Night Library.

This collection of stories comes chock-full of psychological weirdness as well as gritty detailed creature horror, a combination I personally enjoy. The gore is strong but not too extreme. The oddity is as extant as it ought be in any proper entry of the Weird Fiction genre.” — Jordan Anderson, author of For A Glimpse Beyond the Terminus.

Illustration by Anthony DePietro.

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