Writing Prompt #32 — A Hidden Survivor

Prompt: A story that is told entirely through setting description – no characters allowed.

The roof of the wooden home is fallen inward, the jagged ends of the ceiling hang above the destroyed, open container in the center of the room. The walls were painted a soft green once, but now are covered in blackened ash and soot, save for the human shaped silhouettes burnt into the wood.

Broken glass, shattered pictures, destroyed bookcases and furniture litter the dust covered floor. No light comes in through the grimy, opaque window inlaid into the far wall. Even with the door ajar, only a bleak, wintry ambience seeps into the home. Surprisingly, a closet still stands in the corner, its door closed. It begins to rattle and shake, and slowly the door creaks open. Among the shadows inside, a child’s eye appears.

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