Writing Prompt #39 — Satin, Ruler of Heck

Prompt: You are Satan’s younger brother, the ruler of Heck.

They always loved him more, I thought as I moved down the marshmallow and gingerbread walkway, always believed that he would be the only ruler in our family, thought that I would do nothing that compares to his achievements, but here I am creators, here is Satin, Lord of Heck.

A smiling, soft blue serpent spun out from a pond of honey off to the side.

“How are you this day, Satin?”

I nodded. “Well, doing well — and yourself?”

“Every day I remain here, is every day that I am splendid.” The serpent spun once more, then dived under the honey.

Ruler! Overlord! Top dog! No one can disagree, no can argue; no one dares to.

The gingerbread path rose up the sprinkled chocolate hill, then weaved down into the forest of black licorice and dark chocolate. A billowy reddish white squirrel crawled down one of the trees, peering down upon me.

“Greeting Satin! What are you plans for this day?”

Slave, peasant— I own him, own all of this forest.

“Oh, not much this day, little one. Perhaps just a stroll through the land, making sure everything is in order.”

“Do not tire yourself out, Lord — wouldn’t want you to be too exhausted for the gathering.”

Ah, the gathering; where they come as one and grovel, beg at my feet. If only the creators could see me then…

“I ensure I will not. Good day, little one.”

“And to you, too!”

I had left the forest and continued along the path to a clearing cut out of the sweet cinnamon grass. Multicolored gum drops rimmed the clearing. In the center stood my throne, crafted from sugary hard candy and peppermint sticks. I sat upon it and waited.

They came in laughing, dancing, smiling droves into the clearing: squirrels, deer, rabbits, chinchillas; serpents; large, grinning behemoths with swirls of spearmint in their horns and lavender on their breath, tiptoeing titans that stood fifty feet high; long, sinewy things with shimmering, rainbow wings and maws that issued hot cocoa for all to enjoy.

They gathered around me.

Ah, my people, prisoners of Heck…

“What is on the agenda today, Lord?” a titan asked.

“There is only one thing, and that is to prepare for a newcomer to Heck.”

Some clapped, some cheered, others jumped up and down.

“Who?” a rabbit asked.

“He goes by the name Chris Cringle.”

If only my creators could be here now, I thought, grinning.

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