Writing Prompt #40 — In His House at R’lyeh, Dead Cthulhu Annoys Kayakers

Prompt: Cthulhu arrives, he’s 14 feet long and likes to flip over kayaks and canoes. It’s all a bit underwhelming compared to what we expected. 

“C’mon!” Jake shouted as his canoe flipped, sending him crashing into the cold, murky water of the lake. “Damnit!”

Susan rowed over in her canoe, and helped him flip his over and get him back inside. “What happened?”

“It’s that asshole,” he spat.


“You know the one,” he said, nodding towards the water. It began to bubble. “Look, see, he’s even laughing about it.”

“Are you sure it’s him?” she asked, as they began to row across the lake.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”


“Just look,” he set his paddle down and pointed towards a family in kayaks. One by one, a small, thin tentacle rose out from the water, gently wrapped around each kayak, then yanked it towards the water. Each kayak was flipped, and even some were picked up once the people were poured out and skipped across the lake as if they were stones.

“See!” Jake said.

“Oh, that is annoying,” she said, using her hand to block the sunlight from her eyes.


“Why do you think he does it?”

“No one will ever know.” He began rowing again, maneuvering around her and pointing his canoe towards shore. He rather be on land, at least he wouldn’t have to deal with him there.

“Why not?” She followed him, pushing harder to keep up with his pace.

“That’s the thing about Elder Gods,” he said, “we can’t comprehend their reasoning.”

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