Writing Prompt #42 — Father Puts a Stop to His Overreacting Children

Prompt: The world is in chaos. People are rioting in the streets, claiming that God is bringing about the end of times. Thing is, you don’t remember saying that. It’s about time you head down to Earth to set these humans straight.

“Okay, look here,” I said, standing before the crowd. “I never said it was the end of times.”

Each person within the crowd were slack-jawed and their eyes were wide. This was after the gasping, screaming, and fainting, of course.

“I still don’t know how you got—”

A building behind me cracked and crumbled, crashing onto the ground in a burning, brick heap. I sighed.

“Anyway, I don’t know how you came to that conclusion.”

“The bible—” someone in the crowd spoke up.


A skeletal looking man pushed through the crowd, came to the front. “The bible says judgment day was coming, and by the way this country is going, we believed that it was upon us.”

I rubbed my eyes with my fingers as I shook my head. Jesus Christ…

I suddenly pointed at them and they jumped. If it was any other situation, I would’ve laughed. “Look, it’s not judgement day, nor will it be anytime soon. There sky would be burning with fire, it would rain ash and brimstone, there would lava rising up from the cracks of the Earth. When judgment day is here, you’ll know it.”

“But—” the man started to say.

“But nothing, my son. Now return,” I shouted to them, my voice booming over them from the clouds, “to your home, to your families, treat each other as equals! Repair the damage you have done! If you choose to run rampant through the place that I have created from ash and stardust, judgment day will be upon you, but not by the ending of the world but by my hands alone.”

Most stood dumbly while others put down their weapons and torches, turned, and walked away, back to their homes, to their loved ones. The ones that remained didn’t move a muscle, as if they were now statues cemented to the road. One by one, I walked over to them, touched their forehead and they fell unconscious.

Someone will deal with them later.

Once the crowd had dispersed and those who had remained were fast asleep, I vanished from my creation.

Often times, I regret making that place.


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