Stupefying Stories: Bad Imitation Lovecraft Contest — I Won!

Stupefying Stories held a contest for writers to submit their best, worst imitation of Lovecraft’s writing style, all in just one hundred words. Submissions were due on Nov. 3rd, and I wrote and submitted mine on the 2nd (discovered the contest a bit close to the deadline).

There were a few submissions, those that are far better written than mine by authors like Gregg Chamberlain, and Robert Hobson, and it ended up going to a vote by the readers of Stupefying Stories… and I won!

Thank you to Stupefying Stories for holding the contest, and Bruce Bethke for choosing me as the winner and for his kind words about my entry.

You can read my entry HERE, or view it below.

The Questioning Sanity of an Antiquarian Man

What happenstance occurred to the eldritch, nameless man with the Innsmouth look; did he evanesce into obscurity, traversing the cosmos to accompany those accursed Elder Gods; or had the hideous, amphibious creatures who dwelt in the sunken city R’lyeh reach beyond our terraqueous world and tear him away — it was not that his body had vanished, no; but that the congealing, ichorous blood remained on the cleaver… — Was I hallucinating or was the madness of preceding antiquarian excursions into the Miskatonic’s library taking a toll on my New England mind? — or was the horrifying, maddening, incomprehensible circumstance before me true?


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