Writing Prompt #58 — The Eye of Cthulhu

Prompt: In 2019 scientists fawned over themselves after photographing a black hole for the first time. Unfortunately, they were wrong, it wasn’t a black hole at all. It was an eye. Cthulhu has awakened. 

Before the oceans rose and flooded the earth, before the Old Ones clawed and crawled from the depths of silt and sand, and ravaged those who walked the earth; before the sky turned kaleidoscopic hues of unimaginable colors and clouds melted like wax, and everything that we once held as fact and logic vanished in a moment… We believed that we, humans, had made a massive step in knowing the vast unknown surrounding the planet.

We thought that single photo of a black hole, some odd light years away, was our step to learning… But what we learned was not the image of a black hole, no, for it was an imprint of something far more unknown, something far more uncaring, something far more close to us than we imagined… What we didn’t learn was after the photo of what we believed to be the black hole had been taken, was that the black hole blinked, like an eye… The image we took awoke the one who dwelled in the watery city of R’yleh, the one who died but continued to dream, with eyes open, who waited to be stirred and finally was.

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