Book Spotlight: The Writhing Skies by Betty Rocksteady

Betty Rocksteady’s novella The Writhing Skies (published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing) is a short, dread-inducing explosion of hauntingly bizarre — some sexual, some not — occurrences happening simultaneously, leaving you wondering — in a good way — by the end of the story: What the hell did I just read?

The sky has eyes and teeth and impossible colors and fireflies are everywhere, and goop and pus and other disease-ridden layers of not-flesh are coating the skin of everyone who’s left. To top it all off, no one knows what the hell is happening because nearly everyone in town has vanished, replaced by papery ghouls who roam the streets or loom in windows and continually question those left roaming the town by humming. And, Sarah wakes up in her apartment and is greeted by all of this and she now tries to make sense of it all after climbing out her window because her apartment is melting, or bending, and forming into tendrils and slithering up her arms and legs and fuck.

Does that sound interesting to you?

If so, then absolutely pick up The Writhing Skies and check out Rocksteady’s other works, too.

Purchase: Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing | Amazon

Author Information

The Writhing Skies is Betty Rocksteady’s third novella, following the release of Like Jagged Teeth in 2017 and Arachnophile in 2015. Moreover, Rocksteady has had her work in a plethora of anthologies, magazines, and the like spanning over the years. She’s someone who has been a welcome and powerful presence in the horror genre, and who’ll, I hope, continue to be for years to come.

You find most (if not all) of her work on her website or Amazon author profile.


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