Writing Prompt #70 — In the Shadows of Stars

Prompt: You meet the girl of your dreams online. But all is not what it seems. A romantic tale soon becomes a horror story.

She was as beautiful in person as she was online, though more talkative online than at the restaurant. Her chestnut hair, her brown eyes, her small, cute nose and her thin but kissable lips. She was everything I wanted in a partner… But something was off, something wasn’t right. When she laughed I couldn’t see her teeth, and when she opened her eyes wide at something I said it was as if I was looking into a starless sky. The dimples I initially loved seemed to take too long to slunk back into her skin when she stopped smiling, and the way her fingers seemed to elongate as they touched my arm made my skin crawl.

Before I had realized, two hours had past and the dinner was over. I paid, leaving a modest tip, and walked with her out from the restaurant to the sidewalk. The cold breeze felt good and I unbuttoned my overcoat to let more in. She stood idly, staring down the street, the sky, the wind blowing the bottom of her floral dress around her legs.

“So,” I said, “what do you want to do now?”

She faced me, eyes matching the blackness above. Her pupils encompassed everything, and a needle-thin white ring raised from the darkness. She placed her hand onto my shoulder and her fingers descended like growing vines, wrapping around my bicep, tightening until my arm went numb. Her lips tore and stretched to her endless eyes, and there was a faint noise, as though someone was screaming from the bottom of a deep, deep well. Her voice whispered out like mist.

“Come back to my place.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat, licked my dry lips. “Where’s that?”

She looked to the sky. “In the shadows of stars.”

I tried to break away from her grip, but she pressed herself against me, her other arm wrapping around my waist, her fingers digging into the flesh of my back and probing my ribcage. Her hair rippled like water, and this close, the smell of smoke filled my nose. She leaned forward and said into my ear, “I won’t take no for an answer.”

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