Writing Prompt #74 — An Unexpected Hand

Prompt: It’s three in the morning. You’re on your usual browse through the internet before you go to sleep. You sit up to plug your phone to charge and try to put the charger into the outlet. Like every night, you miss every time. Suddenly, a hand grabs yours from under the bed.”I’ll help,” a voice says.

“Shit,” I shouted, pulling my arm back, my heart racing, “why do you have to do that?”

The wrinkled hand plugged the charger into the wall. My phone dinged, notifying me it was now charging.

“It’s fun,” the familiar, wispy voice said, giggling, from under the bed, “why else?”

“Well stop doing it.” I laid back, my head sinking into the pillow.

“And if I don’t?”

“Then back to the cellar, with the rest of the Dark Ones.” I said with my eyes closed, grinning.

“You wouldn’t do that again, would you?”

“I would.”

“Oh, you,” the voice spat, “just you wait. One day we’ll figure out how you escaped the Abyss, then we’ll get you and you’ll be sorry.”

“Uh huh,” I nodded, “all right. Well when that happens, let me know.”

After a few silent minutes, the voice said, “Love you, dear.”

“Love you too, grandma.”

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