Writing Prompt #75 — A Kind Possession

Prompt: You are a demon. After too many good deeds, you become “possessed” by the spirit of a nice person, who forces you to do good things in Hell.

Whoever it was had gotten inside me, possessed me. It was like having a child in my head with controls to each of my dozen limbs. I tried tearing the spirit from my mind by pouring lava into the holes in my head, I had other demons try to scrape the insides of my skull clean with their tendrils and claws, I even let the spirits of the damned try to remove the possession, but nothing worked.

It was awful.

I revolted when I knelt and helped a man off a pike-ridden hole in the brimstone; I screamed when I pulled a group of woman down from the barbed nooses dangling from the stalactites; I nearly wept scooping the bloated husks out from the blood sea. Each one smiled, thanked me, even going so far as to say they loved me for helping them.

It was never-ending chores and thanks and helping. The people in Hell were meant to be suffering, meant to be tortured, yet I was helping them, easing their pain. I was thankful when it happened so much that the higher ranked, giant demons took notice. I wanted to explain the possession, but they didn’t bother to hear it.

They finally ended my suffering by strapping my limbs to the brimstone caves, piercing them with spikes, tethering my neck and submerging my head in lava. Although I still live, tormented by my imprisonment, it’s all the better, for being generous and kind was truly hell.

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