Writing Prompt #83 — Spells, Summons, & Other Sorceries Support

Prompt: Like with technology, there are those who practice magic and doesn’t fully understand it, you’re Magic Support and deal with the issues your clients have regarding magic.

“Hello, thank you for contacting Spells, Summons, & Other Sorceries support. How may I assist you?” I ask.

“Yes, uh— hello— oh God,” he says. I hear heavy breathing, the sound of wind whooshing behind his voice. “It’s getting bigger.”

“Hello, sir? What seems to be the problem?”

“Right, right. I was given this book — a big, thick book with metal straps — and, uh— shit!” The whooshing sound grows louder. I can feel wind coming through the headset.

“Sir, please continue.”

“Yes, so my great grandpa Merl gave me this book and so I read through it — you know, because, it’s a book and I was curious — and I found a page about, what I think was, talking about wind. So I—” His voice is submerged by the wind. I wince away from the headset as a gale blows through my office, rattling my trinkets and charms, flapping the pages of the tomes lining the false-walls.

“Sir!” I shout. “You summoned a Wind Deity. If I’m correct, its name is Eurus’oth, the All-Consuming Maelstrom of the East.”

“All consuming!” he screams, the wind now overwhelmingly loud I can barely hear him.

“Yes! You must read the last line of the page and recite his name towards the eastern wall three times! Then — and only then — will it be sent back.”

“OK, OK! Got the book. The page! What was the—” The wind deafens his voice. “—it is! OK!

To the East,
From this place—”

More wind. A typhoon explodes from the headset. I throw it off my head and put it on the floor. Stacked papers and pens and other office supplies spirals out from under the desk, and spills out over the carpeted floor and into the aisle. I grip my dress and hold it for dear life. The one day I forget underwear.

Soon, almost unexpectedly, the wind slowly dies down until nothing is issuing from the headset. I cautiously pick it up from the floor and slip it back on. “Sir?” I hear nothing. “Sir, are you there?”

“Yes,” he gasps, “yes I’m here.” I can hear him smile. He laughs. “I did it, it’s gone, sweet Mother of Mary, it’s gone.”

I smile, adjust my bangs back behind my ears. “That’s wonderful to hear. I’m glad everything worked out for you. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?”

“No, not anymore. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Have a good day.”

I hang up the call but not a moment later, another comes in.

“Hello, thank you for contacting Spells, Summ—”



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