Writing Prompt #84 — A Demon in Disguise

Prompt: A demon was sent to send you to hell disguised as your dog, but it turns out he likes being a dog.

There he is, sitting at the table, eating his disgusting human food.

I trot down the hallway towards him, my freshly cut nails no longer clacking on the hardwood.

Dumb human, too. Just took me in without a second thought. Didn’t bother to wonder if he brought a demon into his home or not.

I stop and stand behind him. He’s munching on something that sounds like pebbles being smashed.

No more wasting time.

I brace my four legs. My snout begins to tremble and tear, my shaggy fur standing up and bristling. The air teems with energy, electricity. Hellfire courses up from my paws and—

“Here boy,” the man says, slurping from his bowl and setting it down on the floor. “Have the rest of my milk.”


I stop, everything happening within and outside my body retracts and calms. I slowly walk to the bowl and sniff. Sweet. Chocolaty. I take a lick and my nerves tingle. Oh, this is good. I lap and lap until the bowl’s dry, but I continue to lap to ensure I’ve gotten it all. The man has to take the bowl from me and I bark. He pats my head, it feels wonderful, before he goes and puts the bowl into the sink.

I follow him into another room where he lays down. He pats the cushioned seat next to him, and I hop onto it and lay next to him. He scratches the spot behind my ears, then rubs my stomach. Warmth unlike Hell flows through me with each scratch. Comfortability unlike the Pits of the Damned rings through me with each rub. I feel complete. I feel whole. I feel as if I would die for this human. Oh Satan— oh sweet Lucifer, this is amazing.

Soon he begins to drift and fall asleep, his hand still resting on my stomach. I can’t help my breathing as it matches his. The lull of slumber is encroaching over my mind. He’ll live today, but tomorrow, he may… live still. I let my tongue dangle from my mouth as I allow sleep to come.


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