Writing Prompt #99 — The Humans Are Coming

Prompt: We were “too curious” and, always seeking to know more. They sealed us away in our own realm, and closed us off. Clever little things we are, we figured out how to open the paths again. The Gods, the Fae, and the Elder Horrors all tremble. The humans are coming.

“Sergeant!” Captain Young said in the bunker. “Is everything ready?” The men’s faces were partially illuminated by the hanging light above. They both stared down at the map of the valley and the door stretched across that table.

The Sergeant nodded. “Yes, everything is ready. There are so many explosives attached to the ugly, gray door there’ll be nothing left but ashes, and our men are stationed a few clicks from the blast radius. Once its gone, we move in.”

“Good, good. What’s the infrared and x-ray say? I wanna know what these bastards are doing before we move forward.”

The Sergeant removed a few, large sheets of paper and placed them over the map. “They’re scared, Captain; terrified.” He pointed. “You can see that their body temperatures are a color similar to blue, which means cold to us but from our research, that means they’re scared. And the x-rays,” he removed another paper, placed it down, “tells us they’re moving back, away from the door.”

“Weren’t they standing up against it before? I remember the x-ray of all those feelers and eyes…”

“Yes, they were. I think they were curious, feeling us out before we did them… But now they’re retreating. They’re afraid Captain, afraid of us.” He grinned, his eyes growing wide. “They thought they could keep us out by sealing the door, thought their little mind tricks of insanity and hallucinations could keep us from pushing forward, would make us run away; but now they’re the ones running away…” His voice lowered. “Like my ex-wife, like my daughter, like…”

Captain Young straightened. “Is everything okay, Sergeant?”

A few moments of silence as the Sergeant stared wildly at nothing, then his eyes narrowed and he shook his head. “Yes, everything’s okay. Just want them as bad as you do.” He laughed a little.

Captain Young stared at the Sergeant, then ignored what was obvious and said: “We trigger the bombs at 05:00 and we move at 05:30, got it?”

The Sergeant nodded. “Yes, yes. 05:00 — I’ll let the bomb squad know.”

“Good, you’re dismissed.”


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