Blood and Beetles (Death and Butterflies #2) Out Now!

Suicide House Publishing’s second anthology of their Death and Butterflies anthology, Blood and Beetles is available now! It includes my short horror story, “The Artwork of an Arm.”

A story about a man who receives a text from his high school ex-girlfriend. She wants to meet up, she lives in town now. The next day he goes over to discover the body he enjoyed some-odd years ago remained the same, but as he’s ushered into her apartment he finds that she has a new profession, a hobby. What fills the wall from floor to ceiling are terrariums, all filled with spiders of varying sizes. But, he’s not worried about it. She’s offering him drinks, she wants to catch-up, and he’s hoping there’s more she’ll want from him once they toss a few back.

Purchase it on Amazon: Kindle | Paperback

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