Scary Snippets: Family Edition Out Now!

Nocturnal Sirens Publishing has released their Scary Snippets: Family Edition! It includes my two stories: “Blood For Blood” and “The Rhythm of the Womb”!

“Blood For Blood” is about a battered mother and son trip to his grandfather’s home, while on the way they go on a camping trip. A calm after the storm that was their father. There in the woods, the son puts into action what he’s learned from the old books back home. Those beyond wanted blood in return, so he gives them some of his own.

“The Rhythm of the Womb” is a night out with friends that leads to an unsuspected pregnancy. Her mother doesn’t want it or her in the home any longer, and along with her clothes, she’s tossed to the curb. Homeless, she meanders from friend house to friend house to the fields, where the conception of the pregnancy came to be.

Purchase Scary Snippets: Family Edition on Amazon.

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