Writing Prompt #108 — You and I Are the Same

Prompt: You’re with your GF in the cinema. After buying tickets you notice a shady looking guy staring at you, but his hood hides his face. You get popcorn, he follows you, walking like he has many wounds. He catches up with you, grabs you, and as you turn around, you look right at your own face.

“Already?” you whisper to the man with your face, who nods. “It’s only been a few Earth years.”

“It’s the way it goes,” the man says, “Earthen years are faster than our own.”

You glance around at the people standing in line at the counter, the movie posters outlined in lights, the staff in their black vests. You inhale the scents of the popcorn popping, fake butter, sugary drinks and chocolates. You wonder where your girlfriend went but can’t find her. Already in the theater, you think.

“She is,” the man says, unzips his hooded jacket, revealing the clothes you’re wearing, and lets it fall to the floor. “It’s time to leave.”

You sigh, hand the man the bag of popcorn, the over-sized soda, the box of peanut butter chocolates from your pocket. “Fine, but they say when I’ll return?”

You shake your head, and glance at the food you now hold. “No,” you say, then ask: “Anything I need to know?”

The man kneels, snatches the jacket, and puts it on. He zips it, and throws the hood over his head. “Nothing you already don’t know.”

“Great,” you say, and stride past him into the theater where you find your girlfriend sitting in the back row. The movie has already started and the light reflects in her eyes. You sit down next to her and hand her the popcorn.

“What took you so long?” she whispers.

“Sorry, ran into someone.”

“Anyone I know?” she asks, before eating a handful of popcorn.

“Nope,” you say.


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