Writing Prompt #109 — The Odd Wishing Well

Prompt: Jake and Maria are a childless couple who visit a magic wishing well and wish for a child. However, the well is ancient and sometimes grants the wishes in odd ways. They soon discover that it’s not Maria who is pregnant with the child they wished for.

“Well, if you’re not pregnant,” Jake said, standing with Maria, peering into the well, “and I’m clearly not pregnant — who is?”

Maria turned from the well, closed her eyes, sighing. “I don’t know.” She looked at Jake. “We did see those colors right?”

Jake nodded. “Yeah, they were shifty, wave-like. It’s funny that I can picture them in my head but can’t describe them.”

“Same, but that’s how it tells you the wish was granted.”


“Who’s pregnant?” Maria finished.

They stood in silence, idly glancing at the grass, the cobblestone well, the dirt path leading to it; the bordering woods, the graveyard in the distance. A thought formed in Jake’s mind.

“What if,” he said, “it’s someone else in the family.”

“What do you mean?” Maria faced him.

“I mean, like, that if you and I aren’t pregnant, then maybe it made someone else in our family pregnant.”

“Why would it do that?”

Jake shrugged. “The books do say it does it in odd ways.”

“But if it’s family, and none of our family is alive, then…”

Jake looked at the graveyard in the distance. “That would mean that someone over there is pregnant.”

“Shit,” Maria spat.

Jake sighed, took out the car keys, and started for the trail. “You stay put, I’ll be back. I’mma go pick up some shovels and a crowbar, maybe a hunting knife or something.”

“A hunting knife?”

“Well, we’re going to need something to cut the kid out.”

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