Scary Snippets: Campfire Edition — Out Now!

Imagine you are alone. Surrounded on all sides by nothing but forest for as far as the eye can see. Then, you hear a sound. It is like nothing you have ever heard… Is it a wolf? A ghost? A stalker? A monster from another world? Or something far far worse?

Campfire Edition contains over forty stories, containing three of my own:

“What We’re Meant to Be” — influenced by the Pennsylvanian urban legend, The Green Man. A man’s experimented on by a mad scientist, then released into the woods. Soon becoming what we were always meant to be.

“Her Mother’s Eyes” — influenced by the urban legend, Wolf Girl. While camping, a couple watches the stars change, melting, and before they realize, robed people are rushing out from the woods, knocking out the husband. He awakes to find his wife alive, but her once pregnant stomach empty…

“Dancing Shadows” — influenced by the urban legend, Don’t Turn on the Lights. Wavering multi-colors drift over the silhouetted woods, polluting the stars. They watch for a moment, but lose interest when drowsiness overtakes them. A sound booms in the distant, awaking them both, and when they turn on the flashlight; the tent doesn’t illuminate, but the world outside does.

Purchase Scary Snippets: Campfire Edition on Amazon now.

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