Writing Prompt #121 — What’s Below

Prompt: Whales are seen upriver. Dolphins are emerging in Venice. Humanity cheers the resurgence of nature, unaware that these marine animals aren’t making a comeback; they’re running.

People don’t see what’s before their eyes.

They don’t realize the thick fog covering the horizon masks the erupting volcano.

They watch in wonder as these creatures move from one part of the world to another. They “ooh” and “ahh” as they appear in rivers or near enough to be caught on camera. No longer hidden in the ocean depths, but right before them. They think it’s some sort of miracle, but it’s not. It’s an omen, a sign, that what I have believed all along is coming to fruition.

I was wrong believing that the monstrosities from the long forgotten past were unthinking, weren’t malicious, ambivalent things that resided below the seabed. They have been waiting for this. For the world above to be in disarray. Swept in viral pandemic and upheaval from numberless injustices. They wanted an opening, a gouge, a breath held for too long.

They’ve emerged. I can feel it in my bones. My head rattles terribly so. The earth below my feet is different, and always vibrating. But, no one cares what’s beneath them, only what’s visible.

The sea creatures aren’t showing themselves for the sake of climate.

They are reaching towards higher grounds, despite their inability to survive there.

They’re running from the things that even they don’t understand, placing as much distance as possible from the watery depths that even they can’t live within.

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