Writing Prompt #124 — Propelled Into Space by Rainbows

Prompt: Everyone knows that black cats bring bad luck. Turns out, other colors bring different attributes. Today, the mythical Nyan Cat has crossed your path.

Before I could understand what was happening, an overwhelming sense of happiness and joy swelled inside me, rising from my feet to my stomach, to my chest and my head. My wide eyes brimmed with kaleidoscopic rainbow colors I had never seen before, and my smile reached ear-to-ear. I tasted pastries and sugar, frosting and sprinkles. The ground lifted from me or I lifted from it, and colorful satin strands fell from my feet, propelling me into the air.

Sounds became high-pitched, upbeat, chippy, pixelated, only adding to the mania consuming me.

My hands became paws, my hair gave way to fuzzy ears. My nose dwindled into something small and pink, and the beard I once had vanished, replaced by whiskers. I past through clouds, the sky, the atmosphere. When I reached the vast emptiness of space, the colors erupt with newfound power, rocketing me into the stars.

All around me there were others like me, rainbows propelling them forward towards an unknown destination.

All the while an adorable childish voice rang in my head: Nyan, nyan, nyan, nyan.

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