Writing Prompt #129 — Falling Off the Blood Wagon

Prompt: You were a good vampire. Your track record had been perfect for so long. You’d never killed anyone. Until today.

I learned to control the impulses. Learned to drink from a silicone bag, not a flash one. Learned to keep my anger in check and my emotions pushed far, far down. Being undead was like being alive, if I remembered correctly. Same compulsive urges to drink until all I saw was black, only difference is now my drink of choice runs red instead of amber. I even received a 100-year-abstinence chip from the AVA, something I framed and put on the wall by my desk. I was proud. Accomplished. It was nothing not many vampires could say they did.

Now it lays in shatters on the floor, next to the upturned desk and scattered papers. It means nothing now, nothing. All because Mrs. Naely down the street. She had the habit of walking her dog down the street every morning, right before I would be turning in. Every morning I would sit outside as night turned to twilight, wave to her as she passed. Then I’d return to my casket, sleep the dreamless sleep, wake up and go into my yard to greet the cold night… To step in dog feces. Every. Damn. Night.

I asked her not to have Lil Jojo go in my yard and, if so, pick it up, would she please? But no… She refused to listen. Refused to be considerate to me or my property. And the techniques I learned failed and I couldn’t control the rage boiling inside me and one morning became her last walk with Lil Jojo.

No harm came to the dog, though. I returned it to her home after the incident. Called her daughter to come get it. Fed it and gave it plenty of water before leaving. It shouldn’t have to suffer for her late owner’s rudeness.

And so, Abstinent Vampire’s Association Director, this is how I was broken. I hope you can forgive me and allow me back into the program.

Yours truly,

Gregory Hemlock

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