Writing Prompt #137 — Forever to Not Look Forward To

Prompt: You suddenly felt very ill after accidentally drinking some of your roommate’s coffee, and beelined straight to the hospital. Physical examinations afterwards revealed very little wrong, aside from a total lack of heartbeat

I had to get out of there. Just had to. They were making a huge deal over my heartbeat— well, the lack there of. Going by their tests, I was clinically dead. D. E. A. D. But everything else worked fine. Organs, veins, nerves, brain; hands and feet; eyes and nose and mouth. Just the heart—wasn’t ‘alive,’ wasn’t beating. I sort of already knew, so when the nurse left to get another doctor, I dipped out of the ER, escaping into the night, and returned to the apartment.

I closed the door behind me, tossed the keys on the counter by the half-finished coffee, and trudged past the living room and down the hall. Knocked on Frank’s door.

“Yo, Frank! You awake?”

“Of course I am, it’s nigh—”

I threw open the door. The overheads were on, and he sat in his unmade casket on the floor. The laptop balanced on the edge, tottering now that he stopped typing.

“Did you switch my coffee out with yours?”

“What?” he said, eyes widening. “No, of course not. You can’t—” His jaw slackened, revealing fangs. “Oh… Wait. Shit, I did.” He set the laptop on the floor, stood and stepped out of the casket. “I’m sorry dude, I didn’t mean to. I totally forgot to switch it back to regular after I was done.” He stopped in front of me. “You didn’t drink any, did you?”

I nodded, already feeling the warmth of my body draining, knowing if I looked at my hands they would be paler. “Yup, I did.”

“Shit,” he said again. “Well, look… It’s not all bad, really. Being a vampire, that is.” He turned, paced. “Just sun’s out of the window, and everything but blood tastes a bit funky, but at least you live forever.”

“Yeah… Great,” I spat, my canines hurting, “thanks.”

I wanted to be pissed, but couldn’t. It was a mistake. One I would’ve made easily.

But the issue was I hardly enjoyed living with the finite years, and now… Now, I had forever to not look forward to.

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