Writing Prompt #152 — Embracing Beasts

Prompt: An inexperienced hunter is suddenly thrusted on a quest to search and hunt a terrifying beast that’s way above his paycheck. After getting lost, injured, and losing consciousness, he wakes up to find his injuries treated and the beast he was tasked to hunt to sleeping beside him.

The beast rolls over and open its eyes, revealing crystal blue irises.

The other beast keeps its hands to its side, body still, meeting its gaze.

“Are you the thing that’s been slaying my kind?”

“Yes, and you?”


“Do you wish to slay me?”

Wants to say, “Yes,” but the deep cerulean creates a cold prickling, relentless yearning blooming from the sternum, flooding flesh until all ends brim.


“Neither do I.”

“What do we do?”

An arm reaches over its body, a finger gently runs down a warm cheek.

“Stay here.”

“And never return to our kind?”

Its hand raises and grips the one to its face. “Never.”

Leans in and lips meet, arms wrap around each other, hands find hollows to clasp and hold.

The beasts embrace, and never part.

In their lands, their kind often wonder what happened to their hunters, their beasts, but none dare to tread the domains where so many had vanished.

Alone, together, the beasts live in harmony.

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