Writing Prompt #155 — Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Prompt: “Out of sight,” your roommate says, nudging the body under their bed. “Out of mind.”

“But isn’t that—” I say, pointing to under his bed.

“Out of sight,” Jerry says, “out of mind.”

“But it’s—”

Out of sight,” he says again, shaking his head, “out of mind.”

“But what about—”

“Dude!” he shouts, standing. “Didn’t you fucking hear me?”

“Yeah, I did, but still—”

Jerry pushes pass me. I turn and watch him wave his hand in the air as he turns at the end of the hall. “If you want to deal with it, be my guest!”

“Bro!” I shout, “c’mon!”

“Nope—you care about it, you deal with it.”

I hear the apartment door open, close.

Turn to Jerry’s bed, what’s underneath. Sigh, run a hand through my hair.

“Now what the hell am I going to do with his girlfriend’s body?”

Then her head twists, cracks, and her fingers tap on the ground. Her eyelids open, revealing opaque yellow eyes, and scarred lips peel back, revealing clenched blackened teeth.

Grab the doorknob and pull the door close as I step into the hall. Grab my jacket hanging on the back of the sofa, put it on and snatch the car keys from the pocket. Leave the apartment and hurry down the stairs to the car.

“Should’ve listened,” I mutter.

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