The Things from the Woods Consideration for the Bram Stoker Award!

I’m submitting my weird fiction/gothic horror tale, “The Thing from the Woods” from Flame Tree Press’s anthology Weird Horror Short Stories for consideration for the Short Fiction category of the Bram Stoker Awards.

Please reach out by email: with your preferred format (.epub, .mobi, .pdf), and I’ll send it ASAP. The details of the story are below.

Appropriate Award Category: Short Fiction

Publication Date: 07/19/2022

Publisher: Flame Tree Press

Anthology: Weird Horror Short Stories

Word Count: 4,656

Genre: Weird Fiction, Horror, Gothic Horror Author Name: Micah Castle Author Website:

Synopsis: Kelly’s pregnant client, Megan, is napping, so she goes into her quaint study. She accidently hits her desk and a journal with a piece of tape falls to the floor. Double checking that Megan is still sleeping, she picks it up and opens it on the desk. Then, she begins the tale of how her client became pregnant.

TW/CW: Pregnancy, Some Sexual Activity

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