Review Roundup: Reconstructing a Relationship

Reconstructing a Relationship released over a month ago by D&T Publishing, and there have been many reviews of this body horror novelette. This’ll be a roundup of all the reviews it’s received (not individually from Amazon/Goodreads/Godless), and it’s overall rating on the big websites (Amazon and Goodreads). If you were on the edge on buying the book, maybe this’ll push you over.

“… I recommend Reconstructing a Relationship. It’s a brief, dark tale that gets right to the point and will leave you feeling like an accomplice in the deranged crimes committed within its pages.” — Nick Roberts, author of The Exorcist’s House

“… Micah Castle took a well known trope and twisted it into a clever masterpiece of body horror!” — Matt Vaughn, author of Hellsworld Hotel

“… A strange descent into obsession, delusion, and a very twisted ‘love’ story.” — Matthew Stott, editor/owner Tales From Between

“… Wow such a great book! This plot is wild!” — Sarah Budd, author of Enter the Darkness

“… I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a short book that you won’t be able to put down once you pick it up.” — Dakota Dawe, Books of Horror Facebook Group

“… This was a dark and disturbing read that hooked me right in and didn’t let me go! … Highly recommended!” — Corrina Morse, Books of Horror Facebook Group

“… Castle did a brilliant job with this from beginning to end.” — Indie Book Addict

“… Micah Castle is a skilled storyteller taking the reader on a journey through the twists and turns of the story to a perfectly-fitting conclusion. This is a must read!” — The Bookish Abyss

“This is an inventive, cleverly crafted and definitely intense story told from the POV of both the victim and the victimizer.” — Johnny Cat, Twitter

“… A woman goes to extreme measures to be with the love of her life. Think Re-Animator meets Play Misty For Me. Laughs, suspense, horror, twists, and WTF moments abound.” — Sidney Shiv

“… Micah Castle can put a lot of emotion and horror in such a short amount of time.” — The Undead Reader

“… I could not stop turning pages until I had devoured the rest of the book in one sitting.”The Mind Flayer

” … A rare talent to make something that has been done into something completely new and original in a significantly shorter format.”Biblio Goblin

“… A great quick spooky read.”Chibi Chapters

“… So much of this story was unexpected and surprised me in many ways. … This one was so twisted, I highly recommend!” — Dreadful Books

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