Writing Prompt #161 — Pointless Godly Rewards

Prompt: An Evil Overlord is awoken from his grave by his followers in the 21st millennia. After hearing how the world has changed, The overlord completely changing their plans.

“Look,” the Overlord says, “I appreciate you folks got me up here, however…”

“We want total dominance!” one man, wearing a black robe, said.

“Riches beyond our dreams!” a woman said in the back, raising her fist in the air.

“No longer will we be at the bottom!” someone somewhere said, the Overlord didn’t care.

“I understand your demands, but with the way the world’s progressing already, there’s no reason for power, money, social status.”

The group quieted, a short person in front broke it: “Why?”

The Overlord sighed, his rotten breath causing the field they were in to yellow, blacken. “To grant those things when your world is already on the brink of collapse would be pointless.” Overlord put a massive, hooked finger up for each reason: “There’s climate change, the over-harvesting of animals, the oceans are rising and sea life from animal to the foundation of the seabed is being—lack of a better term—raped, and despite all of this, humanity continues to procreate, straining the already needle-thin wire keeping everyone from plummeting into hell.” Sharply inhaling, Overlord continued. “Thus, what’s the reason to give you all of these things if in a blink of an eye all will be rust and ash?”

The group stared at their god wide-eyed, mouths agape. A breeze blew and treetops swished against one another. Clouds passed overhead and Overlord covered his seven opaque eyes and gazed at the mountainous horizon. A shame to see it all go, Overlord thought.

“Then what do you think we should do?”

Overlord faced the crowd and shrugged. “Truly, I don’t know. There’s too many holes to seal and not enough fingers. Enjoy what you can while it lasts, for it will not last long.”

They looked at one another, whispering to each other. Some stared at the ashy grass, the blue sky, the green trees…

“Yeah…” the man in the back said. “We still want power, money, and social status.”

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