January 2023: Submission Analytics & Word Count

Inspired by the likes of Ai Jiang and Ray Daley, I will be posting my submission analytics every month, as well as word count.

It helps seeing the what’s going on in the background for authors. For every acceptance posted online, there’s handfuls of rejections behind it, so don’t think you’re the only one receiving rejections. All submissions are to paying markets with the exception for charity anthologies.

At the bottom will list the total of the year for both submissions and word count.

Short Stories/Flash Fiction/Drabbles

Submitted: 12

Accepted: 0

Rejected: 5

Pending: 7


Submitted: 3

Accepted: 0

Rejected: 0

Pending: 3

Totals for the Year

Submissions: 12

Acceptances: 0

Rejections: 5

Pending: 10

Word Count: 25,928

Total Word Count for 2023: 25,928


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