DEAD HEAT: An Anthology of Summertime Horror out now!

Dead Heat: An Anthology of Summertime Horror published by Crimson Pinnacle Press released today, with a forward from the legendary Richard Chizmar, co-author of Gwendy’s Button Box and author of Chasing the Boogeyman! It features twenty horror stories set in the dead heat of summer, among them is my melancholy tale, “Cherish the Time You Had.”

Two men tragically lose their partners to different illnesses, but only one of them wants them back.

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Review Roundup: Reconstructing a Relationship

Reconstructing a Relationship released over a month ago by D&T Publishing, and there have been many reviews of this body horror novelette. This’ll be a roundup of all the reviews it’s received (not individually from Amazon/Goodreads/Godless), and it’s overall rating on the big websites (Amazon and Goodreads). If you were on the edge on buying the book, maybe this’ll push you over.

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