“The Wolf of Ilex” Out Now in Fat Cat Magazine!

“He hadn’t spoken to him since elementary school, and they weren’t in the same classes, except for lunch. It bothered him more and more until he had gone searching for an answer.”

Read for free my horror flash fiction story, “The Wolf of Ilex” in Fat Cat Magazine now!

Writing Prompt #133 — Heavenly Abyss

Prompt: You die and go to heaven. You can see the pearly gates in the distance, glistening in the sunlight. You walk towards them and a strange feeling overcomes you. As you come close you notice that they’re rusty and derelict. The handles are worn down. With considerable effort you force them open…

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Exterus Vol. 1: The Journal of the Speculative, the Fantastic & the Bizarre — Out Now!

Exterus: Vol 1. released today, including over a dozen short stories, six novellas/novelettes, and three articles.

Among the short stories is my first published dark fantasy story, “The Gallows”!

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Writing Prompt #132 — Ignorant Transactions

Prompt: As a Necromancer, you figured you’d end up in jail someday. What are you didn’t expect was that it would be because of someone else’s misdeeds. You ‘were’ purchasing corpses from a very ‘reliable’ source, until it was revealed that they were a serial killer. Now your taking the fall.

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Writing Prompt #128 — The Age Old Question

Prompt: I manufacture clones for a living. It’s a fun job, and some of my own help me out here. I find it a funny how they all call me “dad” despite “being” me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t consider them my own. B76 is having some trouble after the “Where did I come from?” talk, though.

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