*Free to Read

The Abyss Beyond the Reflection

Who Spoke on the Other Side

The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales

Raven and Drake Publishing

The Sugar Witch of S’mores ForestCandy Capers: In Aid of the Brain Tumour Charity

Timber Wolf Press

*As Whole as I’ll Ever Be

Ladies of the Fright

*Time Stops in the Smoke

Hellhound Magazine

*Like Father, Like Son — Hellhound Magazine Issue #1

Fat Cat Magazine

*The Wolf of Ilex

Independently Published by G. Owen Wears

The GallowsExterus Vol. 1: The Journal of the Speculative, the Fantastic & the Bizarre

Ghost Orchid Press

Orphaned by BirthThe Deep: An Anthology of Dark Microfiction

Sigils & WhispersBeneath: An Anthology of Dark Microfiction

Delicate Fibers — Cosmos: An Anthology of Dark Microfiction

Happiness in the CindersHome: An Anthology of Dark Microfiction

Books of Horror

Given A Purpose — Books of Horror: Community Anthology #2

Macabre Ladies

A Mother’s ReparationsDark Halloween: A Flash Fiction Anthology

Forgetting Your MaskDark Halloween: A Flash Fiction Anthology

An Acceptable ShapeDark Halloween: A Flash Fiction Anthology

Wild West Press

It’s Not Only OutsideThe Dark Frontier

Breaking Rules Publishing

In the MountainsThe Hollow — Where All Things Evil Lie #3

Eldritch Journal

*A Place They Allowed Her to Create — Eldritch Journal #1

Nocturnal Sirens Publishing

A Miracle or Curse — Scary Snippets: Virtual Edition

Finding HumanityScary Snippets: Virtual Edition

Premature ReleaseScary Snippets: Virtual Edition

What We’re Meant to BeScary Snippets: Campfire Edition

Her Mother’s EyesScary Snippets: Campfire Edition

Dancing ShadowsScary Snippets: Campfire Edition

That Twenty-First Day — Scary Snippets: Easter Edition

Goddess With Many Names — Scary Snippets: Easter Edition

It’s Always Three — Scary Snippets: Easter Edition

Blood For BloodScary Snippets: Family Edition

The Rhythm of the WombScary Snippets: Family Edition

Neon Gardens

*Flesh Beginnings, Earth Endings — Neon Garden: Issue 7

KJK Publishing

Inescapable End — 100 Word Horrors: Book 4: Anthology of Horror Drabbles

Stormy Island Publishing

The Restricted Section — Fear and Fables

Hellbound Book Publishing

A Retching Story — The Devil’s Doorbell: An Anthology of Darkest Romance

Non-Publishing House

Time Stops in the Smoke — Rejected: A Multi-Genre Fundraising Anthology

Suicide House Publishing

The Hallowed Place — Scary Snippets: Halloween

Repercussions of Destruction — Scary Snippets: Halloween

Past the Lantern — Scary Snippets: Halloween

The Artwork of an Arm — Blood and Beetles (Death and Butterflies #2)

Things In The Well

A Halloween Tradition — Trickster’s Treats #3: The Seven Deadly Sins Edition

CultureCult Magazine

Three White Demons — CultureCult Magazine: Monsoon (Issue #13)

Seven Statues — CultureCult Magazine: Autumn (Issue #14)

Sirens Call Publication

*Misplaced Trust — Distant Screams (Sirens Call Issue #45)

Bleached Butterfly

*Into the Trees — Volume 1:1

Blood Moon Rising Magazine

The Doorway — Blood Moon Rising Magazine #76

Havok Publishing

The Temple of Rebirth

Gremlin Creative

*The Abyss Beyond the Reflection

The Weird Reader

*The Space Beyond the StarsThe Weird Reader: Volume III

The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine

*Strings of Madness — The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine #2

*A Host Without an Audience — The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine #6

Z Publishing House

Driftwood Mannequins — Pennsylvania’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction

The Children of the Woods — America’s Emerging Suspense Writers: Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania

Aphotic Realm

A Mother’s Love — Tales From the Realm: Volume One (Best of 2017)

It Can Happen At Home, Too — Aphotic Realm Magazine: Eldritch (Volume #5)

Horror Bites Magazine

Escaping The Suburbs — Horror Bites Magazine #1

A Monstrous Past — Horror Bites Magazine #4

Cairn Shore  — Horror Bites Magazine #9

Crimson Streets

Confession — Crimson Streets #1: A Story A Week and Other Tales

*Under the Earth — Crimson Streets #2: The Raven and Other Tales


*The Stone Man

*The Ring of Fylegt: Part I & Part II