The Abyss Beyond the Reflection

Who Spoke on the Other Side

The Stone Man and Other Weird Tales

CultureCult Magazine

Three White Demons — CultureCult Magazine: Monsoon (Issue #13)

Sirens Call Publication

*Misplaced Trust — Distant Screams (Sirens Call Issue #45)

Bleached Butterfly

*Into the Trees — Volume 1:1

Blood Moon Rising Magazine

The Doorway — Blood Moon Rising Magazine #76

Havok Publishing

The Temple of Rebirth

Gremlin Creative

*The Abyss Beyond the Reflection

The Weird Reader

*The Space Beyond the StarsThe Weird Reader: Volume III

The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine

*Strings of Madness — The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine #2

*A Host Without an Audience — The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine #6

Z Publishing House

Driftwood Mannequins — Pennsylvania’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction

The Children of the Woods — America’s Emerging Suspense Writers: Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania

Aphotic Realm

A Mother’s Love — Tales From the Realm: Volume One (Best of 2017)

It Can Happen At Home, Too — Aphotic Realm Magazine: Eldritch (Volume #5)

Horror Bites Magazine

Escaping The Suburbs — Horror Bites Magazine #1

A Monstrous Past — Horror Bites Magazine #4

Cairn Shore  — Horror Bites Magazine #9

Crimson Streets

Confession — Crimson Streets #1: A Story A Week and Other Tales

*Under the Earth — Crimson Streets #2: The Raven and Other Tales

*The Stone Man

*The Ring of Fylegt: Part I & Part II



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