Reconstructing A Relationship coming later this year by D&T Publishing!

My speculative fiction novella, Reconstructing A Relationship, was accepted by D&T Publishing and will be released later on this year!

A couple suffers a tragic car accident. The boyfriend dies, but the girlfriend lives. Desperate to be with her love once more, she steals his brain from the hospital morgue and sets out to bring him back, any way she can. Eventually, she gets what she wants, and what she deserves.

Stay tuned here or my Twitter for updates with the book!

The Ring of Fylegt — Oct. 20/21, 2015

Read my first published novella, The Ring of Fylegt (Part I & II), via Part One | Part Two.

As part three of The Ring of Fylegt has not seen the light of day on, nor do I know when (or if) it ever will. Part three can be found below. (Disclaimer: if ever does publish, or contacts me about, part three, I will gladly remove it from here.)

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