Writing Prompt #134 — Sought After Sleep

Prompt: You meet the Devil at a crossroads at midnight to sell your soul. In exchange, he will grant you anything you desire. After you make your request, the Devil is taken aback. After a long pause, he says, “I don’t typically do this but are you sure you want to sell your soul for THAT?”

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Writing Prompt #133 — Heavenly Abyss

Prompt: You die and go to heaven. You can see the pearly gates in the distance, glistening in the sunlight. You walk towards them and a strange feeling overcomes you. As you come close you notice that they’re rusty and derelict. The handles are worn down. With considerable effort you force them open…

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Writing Prompt #132 — Ignorant Transactions

Prompt: As a Necromancer, you figured you’d end up in jail someday. What are you didn’t expect was that it would be because of someone else’s misdeeds. You ‘were’ purchasing corpses from a very ‘reliable’ source, until it was revealed that they were a serial killer. Now your taking the fall.

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Writing Prompt #128 — The Age Old Question

Prompt: I manufacture clones for a living. It’s a fun job, and some of my own help me out here. I find it a funny how they all call me “dad” despite “being” me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t consider them my own. B76 is having some trouble after the “Where did I come from?” talk, though.

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Writing Prompt #125 — She Knows Everything

Prompt: A group of apocalypse survivors hunker down in an old suburban home to ride out a storm. There is a knock at the door. On the front step is an Amazon package with a note apologizing for the late delivery. Inside the package is something that will tear the group apart as they fight over it.

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