Writing Prompt #126 — A Devilish Newfound Friend

Prompt: Your name is John Smith. All your life, people have mistaken you for others with the same name. This time, though, is especially awkward, as the demon that has been tormenting you for months realizes it’s got the wrong guy.

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Writing Prompt #125 — She Knows Everything

Prompt: A group of apocalypse survivors hunker down in an old suburban home to ride out a storm. There is a knock at the door. On the front step is an Amazon package with a note apologizing for the late delivery. Inside the package is something that will tear the group apart as they fight over it.

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Writing Prompt #123 — Wiping the Slate Clean

Prompt: You wake up. Short of breath, your head pounding. You see bright lights all around you. And then a glass enclosure. A rather well-dressed humanoid enters the room, leading smaller humanoids along with it. “And this little guy is our most recently revived, he was born over 32,000 years ago.”

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Writing Prompt #120 — The Internal Ascent

Prompt: You’re in the woods camping with some friends. As you’re sitting around a bonfire trading silly tales and laughing, you receive a call from an unknown number. You decide to accept the call and on the other side of the phone, there is nothing but the sound of rustling trees and nearby laughter.

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