Writing Prompt #144 — Scar Submersion

Prompt: You’re no stranger to feeling bouts of deep sadness with seemingly no trigger or cause. One particularly bad day, you notice the skin over your heart is cracked. Following your discovery, the condition worsens.

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Writing Prompt #142 — Filth From Below

Prompt: The world is now essentially devoid of nature, making way for strange castle-like civilizations across the entirety of the Earth’s surface. Lately those near the bottom of these structures have been changing into horrific monstrous beings. Working their way up, feasting on those more fortunate.

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Writing Prompt #141 — What Happened to Ruby?

Prompt: After being missing for days, you’re happy when your farm dog finally returns. But something’s wrong. Ruby won’t eat, won’t play with her favorite toys, and the goats are scared of her. Then you get a call. “I’m sorry, but your dog’s dead. Found her in the woods. Something tore her to shreds.”

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