Writing Prompt #160 — Deep Lights

Prompt: It has been raining for weeks now, and the city’ power keeps flickering as the flooding messed with the power system. Most people are stuck in the higher levels of their buildings, and any attempt to contact the outside world is meet with silence.

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STRANGE WEEDS: A Charity Anthology Out Now!

An estimated 40,000 people are currently incarcerated for non-violent, marijuana related offenses in the United States. As many states begin to roll out decriminalization acts, medical licenses, and recreational stores, it is more important then ever that awareness is raised for folks that have been arrested, charged, or convicted for something that is widely no longer considered a crime in many parts of the country.

Edited by Donnie Goodman and Meghan The Horror Babe, STRANGE WEEDS is a horror anthology that contains a bevy of marijuana centered horror stories in order to benefit The Last Prisoner Project.

It includes my cosmic horror tale, “Inhaling Space Dust, Exhaling Galaxies”.

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DEAD HEAT: An Anthology of Summertime Horror out now!

Dead Heat: An Anthology of Summertime Horror published by Crimson Pinnacle Press released today, with a forward from the legendary Richard Chizmar, co-author of Gwendy’s Button Box and author of Chasing the Boogeyman! It features twenty horror stories set in the dead heat of summer, among them is my melancholy tale, “Cherish the Time You Had.”

Two men tragically lose their partners to different illnesses, but only one of them wants them back.

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