Horror Bites Magazine #9 — Out Now!

Issue #9 of Horror Bites Magazine is out now! It contains seven stories of horror from authors T. Thornton Gray, W.C. Jones, Travis Lee, J.S. Rogers, Ezekiel Kincaid, Dimitar Fabijanic, and myself with my short story, “Cairn Shore.”

The first six people can download it for free through Gumroad by using the code Castle-free.

If you prefer to pick it up elsewhere, it’s available digitally on Amazon as well.

Most Notable Books of 2018

Like most people who write, I’ve read quite a bit this year. Of course, not as much as I would like to, but what I’d consider an average amount.

So I decided to list a few of the ones that I enjoyed the most. I’ve avoided listing sequels or books apart of a series (like The Expanse or The Southern Reach trilogy). Some might be published in 2018, some might have been published in 1998, even some earlier than that. Also, these are listed in no particular order.

Without further adieu…

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Aphotic Realm: Eldritch!

Aphotic Realm released their fifth volume, Eldritch, about a week ago (a bit late to the announcement). It contains ten horrifying, strange stories by a wide variety of authors (including myself) like Jordan Anderson and S.E. Casey, with contributions by John DeLaughter and S.T. Joshi, and beautiful illustrations by Juan Fleites and an artist showcase for Evgeniya Egorova‘s work.

You can purchase Eldritch on Amazon!

Stupefying Stories: Bad Imitation Lovecraft Contest — I Won!

Stupefying Stories held a contest for writers to submit their best, worst imitation of Lovecraft’s writing style, all in just one hundred words. Submissions were due on Nov. 3rd, and I wrote and submitted mine on the 2nd (discovered the contest a bit close to the deadline).

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