Writing Prompt #89 — The Help From Under the Bed

Prompt: With a large birthmark and an old antiquated family name, her bullies were vicious. Her mom was getting more depressed, her dad more violent. That’s when, in line with the rest of her tragedy, a grotesque monster came out from under her bed. To her surprise, however, it had come to help.

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Accepting Beta Readers!

I am now accepting beta readers for my Lovecraftian crime novel (novella? novelette? Around 48K words), No-Eyed Girls (title may change) between January 2nd, 2020 and January 16, 2020.

Without giving too much away, its from the POV of both the protagonist and antagonist, and it’s divided into three sections. The book that I could say it’s similar to would be 14 by Peter Clines. So, if you enjoyed that book, or are you into Lovecraftian horror or detective/crime stories, you may enjoy No-Eyed Girls.

Those are chosen to beta reader will have their name listed under the “thanks to”/”acknowledgements” in the book once published.

If you’re interested, please send an email to themicahcastle@gmail.com with your preferred digital format (ePub, .mobi, etc)!