This Is Too Tense released, including my story “The Flower She Truly Is”!

Bag of Bones Press has released their anthology, This Is Too Tense. The second volume in their Tense anthologies containing all stories written in the second person. It includes my story, “The Flower She Truly Is”!

A weird flash piece about you being thrown into a heist without any memory of how you became the driver, where you were going, and what the hell will happen when you reach your destination.


ANNUS HORRIBILIS: An Anthology Set in 2022 — Out Now!

Bag of Bones Press has released their set in 2022 anthology, ANNUS HORRIBILIS. It contains thirty-eighty dark stories, including my own, “This Place between Paradise and Pain,” a melancholy story about a couple discussing what they plan to do for their future together, but things take a turn for the worst.