Looking For Beta Readers!

Currently looking for beta readers for my third collection of short weird/horror stories!

It’ll have ten stories, and roughly will be about 45K to 50K words.

Each beta reader will receive a free digital copy of the book, be listed in the “thank you” page, and depending on the sales, might receive a free physical copy, too.

If interested, please contact me directly through Twitter (@Micah_Castle) or my email: themicahcastle@gmail.com.

Looking for Beta Readers!


Currently looking for beta readers for my collection of short stories, which I plan to release late 2016. It’s seven stories, two of which around 5K, others below that length, and even some are less than 1.5K. They’d be classified as weird fiction and Lovecraftian, so if you enjoy those genres, then this is for you.

Looking for any type of feedback. If you can only read one or two stories, and offer feedback, that’d be helpful as well.

Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me via Twitter (@iwritepoorly) or email (iwritepoorly@gmail.com)! If you could provide your email, I can send it to you in a .zip file, or better yet, a link to a Google Doc! Names of beta readers will be included in the “Thanks to:” page of the finished book.

Thank you,

Micah C.