Review from Morgan Tanner!

Morgan Tanner, horror author of many short stories like, “Answer The Phone,” “The Suicide Storm,” and “A Place With the Trees,” was kind enough to review my newest collection of stories, The Abyss Beyond the Reflection.

Here are some excerpts from the review, but I suggest you reading it in its eternity over on Morgan’s website.

“The Abyss Beyond the Reflection, the title story (and a great title, by the way), kicks things off brilliantly. Set in the future where technology has come up with the ultimate experience in celebrity stalking, a man in his thirties longs to live a day in the body of his favourite blonde bombshell. But of course, things don’t go all that swimmingly. Eyeballs are removed, an abyss reveals itself in a mirror that leads to a terrifying other place, and all is not well in the world of this certain celebrity. …”


The White Sea was not only brilliantly Lovecraftian in its ideas, but also in its execution. A man with a huge inheritance from his parents embarks on a journey across the sea to Alaska. There’s something very strange about the crew he hires, though, and especially the captain. His journey seems to be taking longer than expected but when he discovers exactly where’s he headed, it’s too late to turn back. The sense of utter helplessness aboard the boat was really well executed here. That and the damn freaky creatures living in the water, but I’ll say no more.”


“So all in all, a great collection of stories. The ones that didn’t really grab so much me were easily outweighed by the ones that did. Micah Castle obviously has a great love of the Lovecraft tale but manages to put his own contemporary twists on the classic ideas. This is highly recommended for fans of the aforementioned Howard, and those fans of weird stories in general.”

You can purchase The Abyss Beyond the Reflection now on Amazon in eBook or paperback.

Review from The All Night Library!

David Watson was kind enough to review my new book, The Abyss Beyond the Reflection, and what he said was beyond generous. Here are some excerpts from the review, but I implore you to read the entire thing over on The All Night Library.

The Abyss Beyond The Reflection by Micah Castle is an anthology for readers that love the bizarre and love hearing about terrifying realities within our own. Within this book lies 10 tales of horror, science fiction and weird fiction. Each of these stories uses horrific imagery to bring it to life along with characters that come across as real people.”


“… I enjoyed was Three White Demons. This one follows an unhappy college professor who is tipped off to a major discovery by a friend. At an archaeological site there are three white monoliths that may be the key to other dimensions. I loved the scientific explanation used to describe the discovery. I also loved how the Professor looks at this as the key to changing from his dull life to a reality that you would see in a Science Fiction novel. What he finds is not what he was hoping for, I loved the ending of this story which shows that some things are better left unknown.”


“Reading The Abyss Beyond the Reflection reminded me of how much fun horror and weird fiction can be. The way everything is described brought the stories to life and every character showed amazing depth. …”

You can purchase The Abyss Beyond the Reflection now on Amazon in eBook or paperback.

Who Spoke on the Other Side — 4/5 from HNR!

Josh Hancock from Horror Novel Reviews gave Who Spoke on the other Side a 4/5! Which a tad bit better than what The Stone Man and other Weird Tales received, a 3.5/5. The full review can be found below, but here’s an excerpt from the review.

Micah Castle’s Who Spoke on the Other Side has touches of everything that horror fans love: eerie locations, ghastly discoveries, unfathomable creatures, characters embroiled in horrific scenarios, and even a few moments of philosophical insight. This new collection is perfect for fans of H.P. Lovecraft or Karl Edward Wagner–and for anyone who longs to be transported into the ghoulish, ghostly world of the supernatural.

The full review can be found HERE