CultureCult Magazine: Autumn Out Now!

CultureCult Magazine: Autumn (2019) is out now and it contains my Lovecraftian story, “Seven Statues”!

It also includes stories by John Tavares, Supriya Rakesh, Habib Mohana, Antal Polony, Carl Palrmer, and Ibrahim H. Al-Huraiyes.

Purchase Autumn (2019) now: Kindle / Paperback (US) / Paperback (UK)

CultureCult Magazine: Monsoon Out Now!

CultureCult Magazine: Monsoon is out now! It includes my science fiction novelette, “Three White Demons” (originally self-published in The Abyss Beyond the Reflection)!

It also includes stories by Jared Morningstar, Patricia Evans, and Victor Andres Parra Avellaneda, poetry by a widespread of authors, and non-fiction articles from Elliot Newbold, Shraddha Madhogaria, and Parvathy Menon.

Purchase Monsoon on Amazon now: Kindle / Paperback / Paperback (UK)