Dragon Gems: Winter 2023 Anthology Out Now!

Water Dragon Publishing‘s sci-fi/fantasy anthology, Dragon Gems: Winter 2023 is available now! Containing sixteen awesome stories, including my own, “Heirlooms in the Cinders!”

Dragon Gems (Winter 2023) is available now in trade paperback and digital editions (and soon in hardcover) from most online booksellers.

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Writing Prompt #158 — Avoidance of Death

Prompt: “Death awaits us all” they said, but Death itself didn’t even bother to show up when you died. You have been wandering around ever since, visiting every corner of the Afterlife and finding out there’s a wide variety of places apart from Heaven and Hell.

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Writing Prompt #157 — Heaven’s Grave

Prompt: A god has fallen in a great battle, it’s massive body crashed to earth in a huge crater in a poor part of the world. Its celestial body does not decay and the people begin harvesting it for meat to feed the starving population, only later to find that eating it changes them.

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