The Things from the Woods Consideration for the Bram Stoker Award!

I’m submitting my weird fiction/gothic horror tale, “The Thing from the Woods” from Flame Tree Press’s anthology Weird Horror Short Stories for consideration for the Short Fiction category of the Bram Stoker Awards.

Please reach out by email: with your preferred format (.epub, .mobi, .pdf), and I’ll send it ASAP. The details of the story are below.

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WEIRD HORROR Q&A Part I & II by Flame Tree Press

Gillian Whitaker from Flame Tree Press interviewed authors apart of the WEIRD HORROR anthology: the influences on the story, our favorite authors/stories in the genre, our writing process. If you’re interested in learning how “The Things from the Woods” came to be, follow the links below!

Part I | Part II

Weird Horror releases today, including my story, “The Things From the Woods”!

Flame Tree Press’s anthology WEIRD HORROR releases today! It includes my strange, quiet tale, “The Things From the Woods.”

A home health nurse stumbles upon a journal in her patient’s library while she naps, and discovers how her patient began her strange tendencies of only eating pinecones, sticks, pine needles, red and blue berries, of refusing to bathe besides in the creek snaking through the woods on her property, of drinking nothing but rainwater tea mixed with what smells like pungent muck, caking the inside of the kettle and cup brown-black… Then, the mother-to-be wakes up.

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